Thursday, November 27, 2014

Understanding God

We Can Not Understand All Things
I continually feel thankful in my life that I have been given the astounding privlidge of being a Mother. Having children and going to the temple to make covenants with my God are the two top experiences in my life that have brought me to understand whom My Father in Heaven and His Son- Jesus Christ are; even deep down in Their core.
When I think of the senerios that life present me as a Mother and the best ways that I can help my children learn to understand life and grasp things that they can not yet see; I am always reminded how our Father in Heaven must feel as our parent, and how His gospel and plan for us is absolutely perfect.
President Uchtdorf reminded us in his most recent conference talk titled, " Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth " that; " It was only a century ago that most astronomers assumed that our Milky Way Galaxy was the only galaxy in the universe. They supposed all that lay beyond our galaxy was an immense nothingness, an infinite void- empty, cold and devoid of starts, light and life. As telescopes became more sophisticated- including telescopes that could be launched into space- astronomers began to grasp a spectacular, almost incomprehensible truth; the universe is mind-bogglingly bigger than anyone had previously believed, and the heavens are filled with numberless galaxies, unimaginably far away from us, each containing hundreds of billions of stars. "
Because people could not see numberless galaxies in that time, and because they could not comprehend that; they did not believe it could exist. Likewise, there is so much that we can not comprehend about this life or the next; and so we must have faith; which is part of the process that will help us be more ready to take and learn the next step.
I do not try to teach my children how to ride a bike, when they have not learned to walk yet. I do not try and teach my children how to divide when they have not learned addition and subtraction. I do not allow my children to date when they do not understand the purpose of dating and do not have the maturity to respect it's purposes.
Our Father in Heaven is so loving to provide us the opportunity to come to earth and learn very slowly; very carefully and directed under His instruction when we seek Him out. We can learn what He is like; and how we can have more joy like He has; and how we can become worthy of all that He has.
( Luke 12:44 )
Despite the fact that we can learn a lot however;
The scripture from our reading this week in Mosiah 4:9 is an eternal principle when it says; " Believe that man doth not comprehend all things which the Lord can comprehend", and this statement as instruction that we will , " grow in knowledge of the glory of Him that created us." ( Mosiah 4:12 )
There are some things that we will most likely never comprehend during this life time.
I am thankful that He does not require me to understand things that I can not yet comprehend, and that His plan and gospel actually protects me from not sinning as truth is not revealed to me until I am ready to accept and comprehend it, line upon line and precept upon precept. ( Isaiah 28:10 )
There is nothing of more value to me than His love and I am overwhelmingly thankful to be filled with it.

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