Thursday, March 26, 2015

Obtaining the Light For our Lives

As we read about The Brother of Jared being commanded to build barges, we see the the Lord told him to build them     " according to the instructions of the Lord." ( Ether 16:2 )

The manner and order after which they were built can be likened to our own lives, and the ways that we have been given instructions on how to build our lives and when we do follow His instructions, just like these barges, we will be prepared against the  " waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth and the floods which shall come." ( Ether 2:25 )

The Lord instructed for these barges to be small; even when it may seem that a larger barge is better choice. We can liken this to our own instructions to be meek and humble, and not after the worldly success, but humble, and strong within.  ( D&C 32:1 , Proverbs 31: 29-31, 1 John 4:5 )

The barges were " light upon the water " which can be likened to our lives when we follow the instructions that He has given for our lives, as he says, " take my yoke upon you, that your burdens may be light. ( Matthew 11:29-30 )

The barges were " exceedingly tight " even that they would " hold water like unto a dish". The bottom was " tight " and the top was " tight " and the door was " tight". Likewise, in our lives we must prepare to not let evil seep into our thoughts, hearts or homes being " tight like unto a dish" through our daily prayers, scripture study, service in our callings and community, temple worthiness and attendance, etc. ( Helaman 5:12 )

The Lord instructed the way for those inside the barge to get the air that they needed, likewise in His church He has provided the way for us to get what we need to survive. Some examples are the Priesthood, modern day prophets, the scriptures and revelation both personal and for the church. 

The Lord said that he would steer the barges to get them to the promised land; likewise in our own lives He has asked us to allow Him to steer us; we must have faith; submitting to His will. 

 Lastly, the Lord left obtaining the light up to the Brother Of Jared as the Lord said, " What will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your vessels ? " 

The Lord surely could have come up with the plan for the Brother of Jared, but just like the Lord wanted to bless The Brother of Jared to have the chance to be blessed for his faith; and obtain a glorious blessing because of it; the Lord desires to also bless us for our faith; as we step forward in faith just as the Brother of Jared did in presenting faith with the stones that he presented; as we show faith in our lives, we will obtain light and truth as our gift. ( Ether 12:1 , D&C 98:1 )

Like the Brother of Jared saw Jesus Christ, we can too. We may not see Him physically but as we are provided with light in our own lives; and thus we become His vessels, taking these truths to others, and we are surrounded by Him, in the safety of His barges as we follow His instructions. 

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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