Monday, March 30, 2015

Moroni's Last Message

As I have pondered what I would tell me children and all of my posterity if I only had a small space and time to leave them a message; I considered what would my message be?

As we read in Moroni and imagine him in such a vulnerable and disheartening position, as he says, " And I Moroni will not deny the Christ; wherefore I wander withersoever I can for the safety of mine own life, " we can take great joy in our hearts and glory in our God that Moroni's life being spared; yet all alone; was not in vain; but succeeded to be a great and marvelous work of the Lord; thus allowing us to drink deeply in His ways; and His words.

As we know that Moroni supposed that he had no more time to write ( Moroni 1:4 ),
It was a beautiful moment for me upon realization that my small message, to my posterity; would not have varied at all from Moroni's message.

This beloved Moroni left us his testimony of the organization of the one and only true church. Jesus Christ's church. He did not simply testify of Christ one more time. Moroni left us the message that His God; and Jesus Christ; that did in fact come visit his people; left them with a specific authority; organization and order to follow.

Although I have no doubt that the specific prayers and the manner in which ordinances are to be performed can be revealed to our modern day prophets. And although I have no doubt that in the alternative scenario of Moroni not being given extra time to write this order and these prayers; that they would still have been revealed to modern prophets; the very fact that this is what Moroni felt impressed to leave as his last writing- teaches us an eternal truth about our God;  the truth that He is indeed a God of authority, order and unity.

I appreciate the fact that we also have examples after Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected; He did in fact as well teach His apostles in the New Testament that He is a God of authority and order. One example is in Acts chapter 19; we witness Paul upon meeting disciples; ask if they had received the Holy Ghost? Finding that they were not given the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands; Paul then baptized them, and " Paul laid his hands upon them...." ( vs.6 ) Thus the ordinance was performed properly.

I deeply appreciate and understand how vital it is in God's Kingdom in heaven and on earth; to have the correct authority and order when performing ordinances.

A certain experience that I had last May deepened my understanding of just how thankful that I should be, to be a part of His holy order; His kingdom and church upon the earth.

My Father-in-law whom was Catholic passed away suddenly last May. Upon arriving at my Catholic Mother-in-law's home it was heart wrenching to feel the absence of the order of His kingdom. I knew the scenario would have been much different among His Latter Day Saints.
I watched the family pace around for hours waiting for a Priest, instead of having a blessing being given by a Home Teacher. I watched phone calls, tears, more phone calls, and great absence of family prayer and communion with God. My heart almost burst in sadness upon the arrival of the Priest. There were little words of God; mostly funeral planning.

Lastly, upon my desire to thank this Priest for his services for our family; after the funeral, as he began to question me; I felt the desire to question him and I asked what he believed happened to infants whom died with out baptism? He then proceeded to tell me that his own church made a great error in committing all infants to baptism; because they lose the accountability that baptism is supposed to bring on. He explained to me although he is a Priest of the Catholic Church; that he disagreed with this practice....

Thus we see again the words left by Moroni and instruction that those to be baptized should , " truly have repented of all their sins " ( Moroni 6:2 ) ringing even truer in our ears; despite the fact that it already had. Of course an infant is not even in need, nor can be held accountable for the commitment brought on by baptism.

We are so greatly blessed in this restored gospel. I am eternally thankful for His love and mercy towards me and our church. I am thankful for every sacrifice that has been made and that will be made to maintain the proper authority and order of His church on the  earth.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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