Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Divine Love

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In 1 Nephi 17:35 it says that the Lord esteemeth all flesh in one; he that is righteous is favored of God.
The way that many scriptures in all of the standard works explain that God is no respecter of persons, or that the Lord esteemeth all flesh as one, can be highly misinterpreted. I believe in the past  I have used these phrases about God's love to justify my lack of more effort in being more obedient. As well there are so many  people of all faiths that  I have met, that claim this erroneous thinking that; God loves everyone equally, and no matter their lives actions, if they were semi-decent people they will be saved. Jeffrey R. Holland explained this perfect in his conference talk " The cost and blessings of discipleship" as he said, " They want God's who do not demand much, comfortable Gods, smooth Gods who not only don't rock the boat but don't even row it. God's who pat us on the head; make us giggle then tell us to run along and pick marigolds." The important part is to not look at this scripture without also taking as much value in the first statement, as the one that usually follows, in this case it is; he that is righteous is favored of God. This is a highly important part as we learn from the talk called    " Divine Love" in the Feb.2003 Ensign, Russel M. Nelson gives many scripture examples : Acts 10:34-35 He that feareth and work righteousness is accepted with him. John 15:10 If ye keep my commandments, then shall ye abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in His love. D&C 95:12 If you keep not my commandments the love of the Father shall not continue with you. John 14:23 If a man loveth me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him.
All of these scriptures and so many more referenced in this talk are a reminder to me that in order to be truly loved and favored by God, we must be obedient to Him. None of us are perfect and graciously He offered His son to make the way for us, but we must use His atonement actively in our lives. God wants to love us all and bless us all equally, and He will, if we can abide His law, as we know that every blessing comes with the obedience to that law predicated in heaven. (D&C 130:20 ) There were times in my life I wondered if God loved me why I might not feel His love as strong as I would like? As I have become more obedient to His laws, the feeling of the love that He gives, showers over me daily.

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