Saturday, December 6, 2014

Influencing Other's For Good

Principle: We are accepted of the Lord as we bring about good on the earth

In Alma 5, Alma begins to deliver the word of God to the people in Zarahemla. In Alma 5:16 He says, " Can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord saying unto you, in that day come unto me ye blessed, for behold your works have been the works of righteousness upon the face of the earth."

When I read this scripture it reminded me of my goal for every single day of my life. As long as I go to bed at night feeling that I influenced someone for good, I tend to go to sleep knowing the Lord knows how much I love Him, and that is my life goal; to show Him that I love Him.

Thomas S. Monson said in April 2004, in the talk titled " Your personal Influence " , he says, " As we follow the Man of Galilee- even the Lord Jesus Christ- our personal influence will be felt for good where ever we are."

In the talk " For they loved the Praise of Man More than the Praise of God" , N. Eldon Tanner said, " Always remember that people are looking to you for leadership and you are influencing the loves of individuals either for good or bad, which influence will be felt for generations to come."

As a Mother I am very aware that all of the things that I do are influencing my children's future. As I show them what my priorities are; teaching them to pray; read scriptures; show love to each other and our neighbors; and go to the temple often, my hope is that they will desire to hold onto the things that I taught them.

I am however also highly interested in influencing all of God's children for good. I know and feel how much Father in Heaven loves all of his children, and sometimes I wish I could just be everyone's mother.

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