Thursday, December 11, 2014

He Gives Second Chances

I have felt the love, mercy and support that we witness in Alma and Amulek's missionary work together in my own life.
As Alma was sent back to preach in Ammonihah he was hungered. God provided a humble servant; Amulek to help him. ( Alma 8 )
Amulek being called by an angel to provide food and support; was not just help for Alma; It was also a tender mercy given to Amulek; to be given another chance.
We learn in these chapters that Amulek had already been called to do a work for God, but he had not listened as he says, " I was called many times and would not hear; therefore I knew concerning these things, yet I would not know; therefore I went on rebelling against God in the wickedness of my heart." ( Alma 10:6 )
We see many senerios in the scriptures where the Lord uses a person to bless another and they become a support to one another in a way that both of His servants can be blessed.
In the Old Testament in Exodus 4:10, Moses explains to the Lord that he feels inadequate in speech as he says, " Oh my Lord I am not eloquent , neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto thy servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue."
In the verses that follow; we see the Lord's mercy in that although He knows that He could help Moses speak, as he says, " Who made man's mouth? " to Moses, His anger is kindled and He desires to comfort Moses and says, " Is not Aaron thy Levite brother? I know that he can speak well." He then provides Aaron as a help, but also mentions that it will make Aaron " glad in his heart " to help; and He explains that , " He will be with thy mouth, and with Aaron's mouth, and will teach them what to do." ( Exodus 4:1 )
Through this pattern we see again God's mercy as He desires to comfort us; His children and provide us His people; callings and opportunities that we can serve Him in, be strengthened by, and to learn and grow.
I like Amulek, although I had " seen mysteries and marvelous power " (Alma 10:5), did go on rebelling against God " in the wickedness of my heart."
But, I too have seen the loving and merciful God that our Father and Jesus Christ are as I was given another opportunity to change; be humbled and desired to do better. I did not have an angel come to me and tell me that I needed to help a prophet, but I have, at a special point in my life; experienced a very spiritual manifestation; as my Father did tell me that I still had the opportunity to serve Him; to be His servant, and make Him happy. Since that day I have enlisted myself in His work, and I have felt the strength that He gives me; the strength that He gave Alma and Moses through His servants is something that even I, not a prophet, but a random child of God can testify that He does provide for His children. I have been filled with the spirit when I was hungry; and I have been taught and I have been watched over and cared for by His servants in my trials; and when I feel inadequate like Moses did; many times He sends me a person who lifts me up, or a scripture that gives me strength.

Like Amulek, I am told whom I can help. As I pray and ask in what ways that I can serve Him, names and people come to my mind; and in this way He is desiring to " make my heart glad " as he did Aaron, in allowing him an opportunity to serve.
I feel thankful every single hour for the help that He gives me, and for the chances I have had to serve Him. I am in awe at His patience with me.
I say this in the name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

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