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Help Meet : Translates Into " Ezer " in Hebrew, which means Savior

In Genesis 2:18-25 we witness man, having the " breath of life " placed into his nostrils, and then God mentions that man can not be alone, but that he needs a " help meet ". 

This phrase " help meet " is mentioned twice, and it is of vital importance, as we seek to understand the position of both man and woman in our Father in Heaven's eyes. 

The common way in which the term "help meet" is interpreted is to mean that God gave Adam a helper. As the world has misinterpreted the meaning of women; much that is sacred about woman's role is lost.

 The term, " help meet " in it's original Hebrew, means something much more sacred and powerful. When we really understand what God was saying to Adam, we come to see Eve's role and the role of women on this earth.

In Hebrew the two words that "help meet" are derived from are the words "ezer" and the word 'k’enegdo".
“According to biblical scholar David Freedman, the Hebrew word translated thee into English as “help” is ezer. This word is a combination of two roots, one meaning “to rescue”, “to save,” and the other meaning “to be strong.” Just as the roots merged into one word, so did their meanings. At first ezer meant either “to save” or “to be strong,” but in time, said Freedman, ezer “ was always interpreted as ‘to help’ a mixture of both nuances.”
Diana Webb in her book "Forgotten Women of God " also clarifies this word by explaining,
"The noun ezer occurs 21 times in the Hebrew Bible. In eight of these instances the word means “savior”. These examples are easy to identify because they are associated with other expressions of deliverance or saving. Elsewhere in the Bible, the root ezer means “strength.... the word is most frequently used to describe how God is an ezer to man. "
For example the word "ebenezer" in 1 Samuel 7:12 is used to describe the power of God's deliverance. "Eben" means rock and "ezer" means "help" or "salvation". Ebenezer therefore means "rock of help" or "rock of salvation". The root "ezer" is the same word that God used to describe to Adam who Eve was. She was not intended to be just his helper or his companion, rather she was intended to be his savior, his deliverer.

The other part of the term "help meet" which is commonly translated as "meet for" or "fit for" is the word "k’enegdo". It is hard to know exactly what the word k’enegdo means because it only appears once in the entire Bible. Yet Diana Webb explained that,
"Neged, a related word which means “against”, was one of the first words I learned in Hebrew. I thought it was very strange that God would create a companion for Adam that was “against” him! Later, I learned that kenegdo could also mean “in front of” or “opposite.” This still didn’t help much. Finally I heard it explained as being “exactly corresponding to,” like when you look at yourself in a mirror."
"Eve was not created to be like Adam. Heavenly Father knew that Eve must be Adam's opposite, possessing the other half of the qualities, responsibilities, and attributes which he lacked. Just like Adam and Eve's sexual organs were physically mirror opposites (one being internal and the other external) so were their their divine stewardship designed to be opposite but fit together perfectly to create life. Eve was Adam's spiritual equal, endowed with the attributes and characteristics that He would need to have full access to through her; and also to obtain all the saving ordinances that God provides through His son Jesus Christ; which includes the sealing ordinance. 

Women are "saviors" to men by the fact that they give them life and nurture them towards the light of Christ. By conceiving, creating and bearing mortal bodies, women make it possible for God's children to start on their mortal journey and have the opportunity to become perfected. Without women there would be no opportunity for progression  or exaltation. In addition, by being willing to sacrifice ( their very lives if necessary) to bring children into this world, women demonstrate the true meaning of charity. From the very first breath a child takes he or she has been the recipient of charity and unconditional love. This is a powerful gift that a mother gives her child and it will be her love which will first reminded the child of God and points him or her towards Christ. Each woman, regardless of her ability to give birth, is a savior to mankind when she loves men and nurtures a child closer to Christ. "             ( Women in the scriptures - Heather Ferrell )

Every single day that I awake to see my beautiful, and healthy children, I feel the love that my Father in Heaven has for me. I marvel that He has given such an inadequate woman as myself, the chance to be in partnership with Him in His work of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, or bringing His children back to Him.

Even on the days that my children argue, fight or just act wildly energetic, I never forget the privilege of mine that is - Motherhood. I often think " Oh my Father in Heaven, I am so sorry that I do this to you as well." When my children complain, whine or just over-react at times, I think to myself, " This is exactly what my Father in Heaven must have been feeling like as I  over-react, or cry to Him." He was probably thinking the exact same thing that I am right now...." How could you be so sad that one little thing didn't happen that you'd like, and yet I have worked all day to provide you with comfort and happiness.".....I am no longer frustrated for even one moment with my children as I remember how patient that He is with  me when I am sad for silly reasons.
Many times He sent me a tender mercy even though I was being over-emotional, ungrateful and un-trusting. 

I am thankful every day that I can be a partner to my husband in seeking for eternal life and exhaltation. Even on the days that can be trying in all relationships, as I think of my chance to work with my wonderful husband, I see the opportunity that my Father in Heaven is giving me yet again; to aide Him in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. 

I am overwhelmed at times that my Father in Heaven seems to have great trust in the qualities and attributes that I have been given in womanhood, but as I remember that His ways and His plan is perfect; I feel a stronger to desire to turn to Him through His son, and the enabling power of grace, to help me accomplish His great work that I love. 

This too is my work and my glory, as I seek to serve and love Him. What a privilege and miracle that He is giving me in this chance to help Him. I hope and pray that I will not fail Him.

"Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels. " ( President J. Reuben Clark Jr. , Oct.1942 )

" No man achieves the supernal exalting status of worthy fatherhood except as a gift from his wife." 
 President Boyd K. Packer, Ensign , May 1998, p.72-74 )

"No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed." (Godfrey Winn)

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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