Saturday, May 16, 2015

All things Shall Work For Thy Good - The Fall

Over the years, I have struggled to understand Adam and Eve partaking of the forbidden fruit, at the depth that I truly desire.

After prayer and study, I believe that the scripture that was presented to my mind, as I studied these things, is  key ; to the depth that I was seeking.

This time as I pondered the " Fall of Adam ", the scripture in D&C 90:24, replayed over and over in my mind: the phrase from it, as it states, is the answer that I was seeking:

" All things shall work together for thy good "....

After the tree of knowledge of good and evil was placed in the garden, fulfilling God's laws of agency provided for all,...

We learn in The Pearl of Great Price, in Moses 4:6, " Satan, as he approached Eve to tempt her, knew not the mind of God ."

Satan did not realize that what he was doing to tempt Eve, was in fact already known by God, and that his actions were being used, as Christ always does, if we allow Him, to:

" Work together for our good "

In D&C 130:7 it states, " Where all thing for their glory are manifest, past , present, and future,and are continually before the Lord."

This reminds us that God knew exactly what Satan would do, and how He could use these actions to benefit His children. Although this does not mean that what Satan would do was good for anyone, just a matter of fact that he would do it, and infact would be cursed for his actions....

Many times in the world, Adam and Eve get blamed or accused of all that is bad in the world. It is quite disrespectful that even innocent infants are baptized daily, with the explanation that they are unclean, because of Adam and Eve....

The truth of the matter is this: Adam and Eve provided the opportunity for us to be here upon this earth because of their choice, and God knowing all things, allowed what He knew that Satan would do, to work for our good.

As I consider the consequences to Adam and Eve's actions, I can clearly see how they were a blessing, and more solid that ever, I can see how our Father;

Allows all things to work for our good, when we turn to Him....Look at all the blessings that came from Adam and Eve, and our Father letting this work for our good!

vs. 15 - I will put enmity( natural dislike) between Satan and the woman, and between Satan's seed    ( his followers both mortal and those who received not their first estate ), and the woman's seed, which is Jesus Christ, as He is part mortal, and all of His children (those whom turn to Him).

The Seed of the woman, or Jesus Christ, shall crush the head of the serpent, while satan can only bruise his heel.

vs.16 - " I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and conception" . As women sorrow in child birth they are more prepared to come to Christ, and they understand and value what He did for us all more, as they know with deeper understanding what it is like to suffer selflessly for His children; they are becoming more like Him.

Multiplying conception is an eternal blessing.

" Thy desire shall be to thy husband " ... This is a blessing, as we desire for something, we are more likely to serve for it; and love it, which brings us closer to Christ.

" Thy husband shall rule over thee " is a blessing, as it allows woman the chance to be given less accountability, as her husband is called to lead her. This blesses the man because he is given the chance to serve and desire to be a better leader to his wife; Thus, becoming more like Jesus Christ.

vs.17 - " cursed is the ground for thy sake ", This is a blessing because Adam learns to work, solve problems, create and build through a process of perfecting something. This gives Adam the opportunity to learn how it is to  build a kingdom, at a much lower level; nevertheless, Adam is becoming more like Jesus, as all things were turned for his good.

vs.18- " Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth " , this is representation of trials. Trials are of key blessing in turning us, His children to Him, and helping us to become more like His son, Jesus Christ.

vs 19 - " Thou will return to the ground ", this is a blessing because these things are only temporary, and will allow for progression, until more blessings can be provided.

In my own life, I have seen the Lord turn everything to my good on countless occasions. I have seen even senerios that would seem completely horrible, turned into the greatest blessings of my life.

I know with every part of me, that in any senerio, and at all times, if we pray, ask Father for help, and try our best to follow the instructions that He has given us; even the seemingly impossible can be turned for our good.

As I ponder these things and consider all of these blessings, I marvel at whom my Father and His Son Jesus Christ are. I feel the beauty of whom they are. I see their glory manifest in my own life, and all around me. I love them with depth and passion that I can not begin to describe.

I hope that we can all strive to make them happy, each and every day....Thinking of them before ourselves and our momentary desires.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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