Monday, September 28, 2015

Melchizedek's name

When reading Genesis 14 considering the " High Priest Melchizedek" again, It was brought to my attention the importance of a name. If our names were not important then the meanings of the names of individuals in the holy scriptures would likely not be mentioned as frequently, since everything in the scriptures is sacred and has been inspired by God. 

JST, Genesis 14:36

36 And this Melchizedek, having thus established righteousness, was called the king of heaven by his people, or, in other words, the King of peace.

Hebrews 7:2

2 To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace;
From David Ridges " Old Testament Made Easier ", we learn that :
"Melchizedek literally means  " King of righteousness." Melchi means : King and Zedek means: righteousness."
My own hypothesis ( me, Emily Turano ) is that perhaps the confusion of Melchizedek actually being Shem, came because some individuals called Shem a name with more holy honor; which was Melchizedek. I consider the way that we call Bishop, " Bishop " for life, even after they not our Bishops anymore? 
I am reminded again of that special and unforgettable dream that I had when just a few weeks pregnant with my precious daughter Brooke. The dream awoke me suddenly and I could not forget the voice that in my sleep told me, " You have a daughter and her name is Brooke." At that time there was not a way to know if I was carrying a boy or girl, nor had I ever considered that name and I did not like it even after my dream....but, I could not deny that was special. 
Brooke is exactly like her name means. A Brooke is the stream. I remember when Lehi bid his sons to be like the river continually flowing in righteousness. 

1 Nephi 2:9

9 And when my father saw that the waters of the river emptied into the fountain of the Red Sea, he spake unto Laman, saying: O that thou mightest be like unto this river, continually running into the fountain of all righteousness!
Brooke has even been the path that put into the river of continually righteousness. When I began to have my full conversion she was my motivation and strength to change. In this way Brooke led me to that river and it is most true that she inspires our whole family in her patience, giving heart and love. 

  1. 1. "Give," said the little stream,
    "Give, oh! give, give, oh! give."
    "Give," said the little stream,
    As it hurried down the hill;
    "I'm small, I know, but wherever I go
    The fields grow greener still."
  2. Singing, singing all the day,
    "Give away, oh! give away."
    Singing, singing all the day,
    "Give, oh! give away."
  3. 2. "Give," said the little rain,
    "Give, oh! give, give, oh! give."
    "Give," said the little rain,
    As it fell upon the flow'rs;
    "I'll raise their drooping heads again,"
    As it fell upon the flow'rs.
  4. 3. Give, then, as Jesus gives,
    Give, oh! give, give, oh! give.
    Give, then, as Jesus gives;
    There is something all can give.
    Do as the streams and blossoms do:
    For God and others live.
Brooke loves her name because she knows that God named her, not me. 
I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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