Monday, May 1, 2017

Blessed For Your Sake

Brooke and Will,

I have failed to keep my book for your up of my scripture insights while I was in Statistics. You will see that my last post was in December, and I started my Statistics class in January through April.
It is the beginning of May, and although I did continue reading the Old Testament a bit, I did not get too far.

I will begin where I left off with my thoughts on how these scripture accounts can relate to us and the things that I feel to share with you in this book.

One statement made an impression on me as I read in the Old Testament, Genesis, chapter thirty.

Issac, Abraham's son, begat Jacob, whom was renamed " Israel" by the Lord, and Jacob married Leah, Rachel, Bilah, and Ziplah.

The Father of Leah and Rachel was Laban, and he was not fair to Jacob. Jacob served him faithfully despite the many times he was wronged by Laban.

As Jacob was working to do his best despite the circumstances, we learn in Genesis 30:27, that Laban's household was blessed by Jacob's presence there as Laban tells Jacob:

" I have learned by experience that the Lord hath blessed me for thy sake."

From this I am reminded that no matter what senerio or circumstance that we come into in our lives, we have the opportunity to bless other's lives, as the Lord will bless us as we seek to be the best servants to Him that we can be.

As I pondered upon this principle, I realized that even though Laban was recognizing that he was blessed with material blessings because of Jacob's presence in his household; likely, Laban was unaware of the even greater blessing that Jacob' had given him through raising his grandchildren, and serving  his daughters with Godly power, as one of Abraham's descendants and as a righteous man.

As we are aware that Lord blesses those around us if we are trying to be a righteous servants to God,We will recognize the great opportunity that we have to be witnesses of the happiness and blessings that come from being engaged in the work of the Lord.

Laban recognized that Jacob was loved and favored by the Lord.

 I hope that I can do a better job at doing those things that the Lord would look pleasantly upon, in order that other's testimonies would grow as Laban saw God's hand in Jacob's life.

It is a great thing to know that we can be a blessing to all those that we love. That makes me happy, and I believe that I am blessed because of you, Brooke and Will, as you are in my household, and you are my children.

I know that Heavenly Father gives me the motivation that I need in order to bless and protect you, that He loves. That is a great blessing to me. You both are such a strength to me.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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